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Gregor Wilson's success - getting his foot in the door to get to his dream career.

After leaving HIBS Gregor completed a Bachelor of Design with Honours, majoring in Industrial Design. Coming from an active family and growing up around and on the water, designing boats or mountain bikes were Gregor's dream jobs. He decided to focus his search within the Marine Industry in NZ, and Rayglass Boats was number 1 on his list.

With no design positions available at the time, Gregor decided to apply for a Fit-out role in order to get his foot in the door, with the potential to move into Design in the future. He saw this as an opportunity to learn about the boats inside and out, from the construction methods to the finishing touches.

When an unfortunate mountain biking accident left him unable to work on the fit-out line he found himself taking on design work at home to keep himself busy. With recovery predicted to take three months Rayglass saw the opportunity to get Gregor back to work sooner if he had a less physical role. After they saw the work he had done while recovering, Gregor was offered the new position of Draughtsman/Designer in 2019 and he has been working in his dream job ever since.

Over the last couple of years, Gregor has worked on some major projects including the support vessels for America's Cup followed by an extensive re-fit program transforming 24 ex-support vessels into dedicated Coastguard vessels around New Zealand. He has also been developing and designing Custom boats - including a 12.5m dive tender (pictured), with folding Bimini and screen, an innovation that allows the vessel to be stored inside a 94m Superyacht. With more exciting builds on the production line for globally based customers, as well as working in the final stages of a new model for Rayglass, Gregor is understandably enjoying every day at work and is excited to see what the future holds.

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