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Fun times at Wild Kiwi Distillery

Well, who would have thought that we'd be able to see less of each other in 2021 than we did in 2020! While we don't want to mention covid more than we have to, there's no doubt it's impacting the opportunities we have been working on behind the scenes to create events and opportunities to gather. Planning was well underway for an epic Sports Day with Old Boys vs. Senior (current) students, and there was huge interest from you with registrations already coming in. This event was to have been held in September, the good news is that it has been postponed, not cancelled, and we look forward to making this happen in September 2022. Surely!

On a Sunday afternoon in November, we did manage a catch-up at Wild Kiwi Distillery. Thanks to all who came, lots of 'new' old faces among the crowd, with current Staff once again supporting this event. Mike Hutchins put in his last appearance in his role as Old Boys Trustee, as he retired at the end of the school year and this role will go to the new principal, Tom Gordon. Thanks for all you've contributed Mike and we look forward to catching up at on Old Boys event sometime soon.

Here are a few pics from the day ... could have been more to be fair ... but the photographer may have been too busy catching up ;)

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