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Chatting with Theresa May and Frank Luntz, just an average week for Old Boy, Ollie Pooke.

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

Another HIBS Old Boy to be part of the Oxford Alumni is Ollie Pooke (Class of 2013). Ollie took up his Rhodes Scholarship in 2020. While at university in New Zealand, he also worked extensively for student organisations and local not-for-profits in the Otago region. In Australia, where he worked until recently, Ollie was involved in pro-bono projects in the Arts and Social Sectors. Also an extremely talented musician, he has played in Regional and National Youth orchestras.

I asked Ollie to give us an update on where things are at for him, studying in a hugely impacted covid environment. Here's an excerpt ...

"....We're out of lockdown and into the final term for this academic year - my time on the Master of Public Policy course is rapidly drawing to a close! There's a collective sense of relief that we're back to in-person classes, and it's fantastic to be back together with the rest of our cohort. We've also had a few guest speakers from public life come by the school to present to us, including Theresa May and Frank Luntz in the last couple of weeks. I'll be working on a project with the World Bank over the Summer break, then will head back to Oxford in September for the next academic year."

Ollie is studying the MSc in Sustainability, Enterprise and the Environment

and he is hoping to explore the role of evidence in government policy-making.

Ollie and the Kiwi MPP Crew on Matriculation Day.

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